Church in Study-  9:30 a.m. 

Song Service                                    Lanette Bieber        

              Paul Bonney, piano          


Welcome/Prayer                                  Dona Young

Special Music                                          Lily Jones 

 Interview                                         Sandra Mulchin                               Special Feature                      Michel and Joy Jones                                        

Closing Prayer                               

Lesson Study

10:00-10:40 a.m.

Paul's First Missionary


Thirteenth Sabbath Offering

3rd Qtr.

Northern Asia-Pacific Division


Worship Service - Aug. 18, 2018

                   11:00 a.m.                                

Worship Service

11:00 a.m.


Intro Video

Announcements and Prayer                  Pastor Gil              


Opening Song                                                      Hymn No. 547

Be Thou My Vision   


Children’s Story                                                        

This Little Light of Mine


Offering Appeal                                                       Scott Hanan 

Church Budget


Offertory                                          Marti Cash  and Joel Kurtz

Simple Gifts   


Praise Songs

More About Jesus  - No. 245   

They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love  


Prayer Song                                                         Hymn No. 290

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus                         

Prayer                                                                       John Marter

Special Music                                                          Emily Kurtz

My Redeemer Is Faithful and True 


Sermon    Judy and Robert Fetters 

Love, Honor, Serve


Closing Hymn  

Make Me A Servant  


Worship Leader

Joel Kurtz


Piano – Marti Cash    Violin – Joel Kurtz

Praise Team

Alison Anandam, Tony Baronti, Raquel Gutierrez, Emily Kurtz

Tech Team

Andrew Huls, Dakota Bieber, Rusty Chace, Sandra Mulchin