Announcements for Feb. 1, 2020

All Church Fellowship Meal following the church service today.  All visitors are invited

Vespers and Game Night on Feb. 8.  Plan on starting with Vesper in the Community rooms at 5:30 p.m.  Following vespers, we will have snacks, sandwiches and games.  Please bring enough to share.

Elder’s Meeting Mark your calendar for Mon. Night, Feb. 3, at 6:30 p.m. for the next Elders’ Meeting.

Ozark Adventist Academy's Drama Class presents Letters to Sala tonight, Feb. 1, at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium. At age sixteen, Sala Garncarz entered a Polish Labor Camp during WW2 expecting to be there six weeks. Five years later she was liberated after spending time in seven different forced labor camps. She was able to receive and send letters, but she was not allowed to keep any letters. She kept those years a secret from her family for 50 years before revealing the more than 350 letters she managed to hide during her time at the camps. This is her story and the story of the letters. Tickets are $5 per person and will be available at the door. There will be a bake sale during the intermission, If you would like to contribute a food item for this bake sale, please contact Dona Young at 479-957-4739.

Several Dorm Dudes are still available for adoption.  Contact Bonnie Pendergrass if you would like to take part in this ministry to our dorm guys.

Thank You My family and I would like to thank the church family for all the support and prayers during my recovery from knee surgery.  It was appreciated very much.  James Simmons

Valentine Ladies Eat Out will be on Thur., Feb. 13, at 12:30 at the Angelino’s.  All Ladies are invited to come.

Thank you to our church family for all your prayers, cards, and visits during Marie’s surgery.  We would appreciated your continued prayers and visits during her convalescence.  Tim and Marie Konupcik

ASI (Adventist Laymen’s Services and Industries) Southwest Chapter convention “Preparing the Remnant “will be March 26-29, 2020 at InterrWellness Retreat Center, 3701 County Road 316C, at Cleburne, TX 76031.  Registration is required.,  phone 817-219-5724

Pettey Study Group will meet on Sabbath afternoon, Feb. 15, at 3:00 p.m.  Remember to bring the Great Controversy book.

Singspiration  A time to worship God through music, Feb. 22, at 3:00 p.m.  If you would like to provide a special song, or you know someone who could share a song, please give your information to either Storey Giddings or Marti Cash.  You can also drop off your written suggestions in the church office.  Please include your name, the name of the performer and phone number in order to contact them.  Specials can be instrumental, vocal, individuals or groups.  Let’s have fun praising God through music.

David Scott Dickhaut, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Booth passed away (due to heart complications) on Jan. 27, 2020 at Jackson, TN.  Funeral will be in Tennessee this Sabbath at 3:00 p.m.  Thank you to our church family for the prayers, phone calls, food and visits.  All was so much appreciated.  Keep Ed and Jan Booth in your prayers during this difficult time.  Cards can be sent to: The Ivy’s and Dickhauts -1830 Old State Rte. 76, McKinzie, TN   38201

OAA Mission Trip The OAA students will be going on a mission trip to Canada this spring.  Your donation is tax deductible.   The cost will be $900 per student. Your help and support will be appreciated.